Why you should purchase apps through an Atlassian Partner

Atlassian has big worldwide network of partners that meet high training criteria and have a proven practice that can scale from small to large customers. Working with a Platinum Solution Partner such as venITure has multiple benefits for Atlassian customers, especially when it comes to license management.

Get discounts for our apps

Atlassian Partners earn a small fee when clients purchase licenses directly through them. venITure uses this margin to offer apps to a discounted price.

Keep track of your spendings

Managing licenses for all Atlassian tools and Marketplace apps can be tricky, especially when you have varying pricing plans with different license expiry dates. venITure can help you consolidate all your licenses and adjust their period to fit with a date that works for you.

Align purchasing processes

Instead of purchasing new Marketplace apps or changing plans for Atlassian tools, venITure supports you through your individual purchasing process by being able to send you quotes and invoices. This allows you to pay in your preferred currency (USD, EUR, TRY, AED) while simultaneously avoiding risks with exchange changes. This means that you are not required to make payments with your credit card.

Get the support you deserve

venITure offers highly personal support and consulting services for Atlassian tools and Marketplace apps. This allows them to escalate your support inquiries with Atlassian and Marketplace vendors. You can reach them via email, phone or schedule personal meetings with their qualified team.

Learn more about the ecosystem

Are you sure that you are fully utilizing Atlassian tools? venITure can assess your tool usage, share best practices and connect you with leading individuals throughout the Atlassian ecosytem.