How to use

Click on the envelope icon in the header navigation to open the send email dialogue. All Confluence users see the icon, but only users with the send permissions can send a page via email. Users without permissions will get an error message.

Due to Atlassian API limitations, it is impossible to handle permissions differently. The best user experience would be to hide the icon, but adding this option can negatively impact the loading page performance.


The email dialogue has several options:

  • Add Confluence users, groups, or external users as email recipients. Inactive users are excluded from the email list when adding Confluence groups.

  • Include page breadcrumbs. By default, this feature is enabled.

  • Include page attachments. By default, this feature is enabled.

  • Add email subject. By default, the current page title is set as the email subject.

  • Add watchers, mentioned users, and comments authors as email recipients.

  • Add a note for email recipients. Use different backgrounds to attract user attention.

  • Schedule emails.

Email Confluence Page dialogue

Email this page app supports Outlook, Apple, and Gmail mobile and desktop app versions. Due to email provider limitations, some native Confluence macros may have some UI limitations.


Supported macros:

  • Text styles and formatting

  • Text color

  • Bullets and numbering

  • Tasks (Action points)

  • Links

  • Images on pages

  • Mention

  • Tables

  • Layouts

  • Panels (Info, Success, Warning, Note, Error)

  • Decisions

  • Divider

  • Date

  • Quotes

  • Divider


UI issues and limitations

  • Third-Party macros are not supported

  • Not all emojis are supported

  • It is not possible to include colored table cells

  • Code snippet UI is not the same as on Confluence

  • Alignment is not recognized on Gmail desktop and web apps.