Page Builder

It's never been easier to format your Confluence content properly! Page Builder macro helps you build up stunning Confluence pages with perfect structuring, suiting all your needs. All of it at a distance of a few clicks!

Format your content properly, ensure precise and fluent communication and grab your readers' attention by choosing from a wide range of powerful and easy-to-use features within the app.


Page Builder in a nutshell

Page Builder can be best described as Caelor's magical land! Even though it is essentially a MacroSuite macro, Page Builder allows Caelor customers to enjoy the best of both app worlds. Unique and powerful Page Builder macro bridges the gap between content formatting and content visualization by providing a large selection of MacroSuite and Content Viz macros in one place, all thanks to its direct integration with the Content Viz app*.

*To unlock the features, paid Content Viz license is required.