Using Google Drive Images in MacroSuite

Google Drive images require a specific link format to be displayed correctly across various platforms, including the various functionalities of MacroSuite (such as Designer, Cards, Image Slider, etc.) and the MacroSuite Styleguide. The following steps will guide you in preparing your Google Drive images for use within MacroSuite's features.

Step 1: Prepare Your Image in Google Drive

Before you can use your image in MacroSuite, you must ensure it's accessible via a link that can be recognized on websites. Here's how to do it:

  1. Access Google Drive: Go to your Google Drive.

  2. Select Image: Right-click on the image file you want to use.

  3. Share the Image: Select 'Share' from the context menu.

  4. Adjust Access Settings: Open the 'General access' drop-down menu in the sharing settings.

  5. Set Access to Public: Choose 'Anyone with the link' to make your image publicly accessible.

  6. Copy the Link: Click 'Copy link', then select 'Done'.

Step 2: Edit the Copied URL

After copying the link, you need to modify it to make it compatible with MacroSuite, or any site in general:

  • Identify File ID: You will receive a URL similar to this:


    • The bold part is your file ID

  • Create a Simple View Link: Use the file ID in a simplified link format:

    • ID

  • Resulting URL: For example, your edited URL will look like this:


Step 3: Use the Image in MacroSuite

Paste the edited URL into the URL field in MacroSuite macros or MacroSuite Styleguide:

  1. Enter the URL: Paste the edited URL into the URL field in MacroSuite.

  2. Complete the Setup: Follow any additional prompts or settings adjustments as needed.