Important app update (1.3.0)

The Atlassian tools Confluence and Jira are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, the demand for apps that complement the cloud applications and enable individual use cases is growing at the same time. The Atlassian ecosystem is thriving with more innovation than ever before, and that's a great thing for both end users and app providers like us.

Since we launched the two apps Trophies for Confluence and Trophies for Jira, we have not charged a price for our unique gamification app. Till today, we have added many more features to our apps that where requested by you, our users. With next release, we are again releasing new features that will help you have even more fun working with Jira and Confluence in the future.


New app features

  • Custom Events - This is the most asked feature from our users. We have added an option to create custom events based on company focus and needs. It is also possible to edit all existing predefined Jira and Confluence events.

  • User Levels - Make gamification more fun with the user levels.

  • Closed Groups - To improve the gamification process in your company, we added an option to create separate ranking groups and compete between your colleagues within departments, offices and the same position.

  • Disable projects and spaces - Option to disable some projects and spaces from the gamification process.


A side effect of this is an increased demand for support and development teams to keep things running smoothly in more complex environments. Now it is time to adjust the pricing to reflect the amount of development and support that has gone into all of the new and improved features. On 16th of August, 2021 there will be a pricing set for new features.

Since both apps, Trophies for Jira and Confluence, are affected by the changes, we have decided to offer all users who want to use both apps a 50% discount until the end of October. The prerequisite is that you are already using one of the mentioned apps. You will receive your discount code from us upon request.

We are looking forward to continue to inspire you with new app features and great new app ideas in the future!

Caelor Team