Welcome to MacroSuite!

A suite of content formatting macros that makes great Confluence pages.


MacroSuite macros

MacroSuite brings new formatting macros for Confluence cloud. This app gives you the ability to create better, more interesting, and engaging content. 

Macros included: 

  • Easy HTML - Enables you to add custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript directly to your Confluence page. 

  • Decision Report and Decision Children Report - Allows you to show all decisions from selected pages and their descendants in one macro. 

  • Button - Allows you to create stylised buttons with links to other pages or websites. 

  • Image Carousel - Allows you to upload images and create a beautiful carousel slider. 

  • Page Rating - Use the option to rate Confluence pages. Get an invaluable source of feedback and grab page visitor's attention. 

  • Panel - Enables you to format your Confluence content, and make it more attractive. 

  • Countdown - Announce a big product launch or milestones with a customisable countdown.

  • Page Divider - Create a customisable divider with a title.

  • Hide Content - Create content and hide it based on user permissions.

  • Automated Numbered Headings - Easily number your headings with different formatting styles.

  • Tabs - Build rensponsive and easy to use tabs to structure your content.


  • Incoming Links - Display incoming links from other Confluence pages.

  • Tooltip - Add tooltips to give more context, tips or additional information to your reader.

  • Footnotes - Insert and display footnotes on a Confluence page.

  • Page Break - Insert a page break when you want to move to the beginning of the next page in your document.

  • Due Date and Time - Track due date changes with custom labels.

  • Dropdown - Structure your content with responsible dropdown.

MacroSuite will receive updates to improve performance and user experience.

In case you have any questions, need more detailed information, or would like to share feature suggestions, please feel free to contact us via our service desk.