Gamify your company

With gamification, you make routine tasks a bit more enjoyable. It is a way to keep our team’s attention and interest while reminding them of what they learned and how to apply it.

Gamification has been used by a wide variety of businesses to better engage their employees and customers. If your company wants to motivate employee participation, engagement, and collaboration, then it is time to try the same approach for Jira and Confluence.

We believe that even the most boring tasks can be fun. Gamification in business is one of the most popular practices used by innovative managers and business leaders today. Gamification is the combination of a playful approach with business activities. Almost any activity in the daily work routine can be gamified: work of service agents, the tasks of the sales department, onboarding processes, or the implementation of new ideas and innovations. The awarding of points and the possibility to give “players” access to automatically updating ranking lists sustainably increases employee motivation. This form of healthy competition can be organized in individual teams, projects, or the entire company. With Trophies for Jira and Confluence, all tasks completed daily in Atlassian tools can be gamified.

Benefits of gamifying your company


Trophies for Jira and Confluence Cloud bring healthy competition within colleagues to boost productivity. Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles to non-gaming contexts.

While the gamification concept has mostly been used in customer retention and gaming, we believe this concept also has its place within the business context in general. This is why we developed a solution that will gamify your instances to improve your team's productivity, make it more fun, increase motivation, and encourage team creativity.


  • Don`t force all employees to play. It can be counterproductive.

  • Examine your objectives and decide if it makes sense to gamify.

  • Sometimes you need to announce the winner and start again with a new game. It can be boring.

Trophies for Jira and Confluence will receive updates to improve performance and user experience.

In case you have any questions, need more detailed information, or would like to share feature suggestions, please feel free to contact us via our service desk.