Trophies for Jira

Make Jira more fun and engaging and improve productivity of your teams with Trophies for Jira!

Increase the motivation of your employees by creating healthy competition with receiving awards and earning points. Almost any activity in the daily work routine can be gamified with Trophies for Jira: work of service agents, the tasks of the sales department, onboarding processes or the implementation of new ideas and innovations.

This app for Jira brings healthy competition among colleagues to boost productivity. Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles to non-gaming contexts.

While the gamification concept has mostly been used in customer retention and gaming, we believe that this concept also has its place within the business context in general. This is why we developed a solution that will gamify your instances to improve your team's productivity, make it more fun, improve productivity, increase motivation, and encourage team creativity.

Features included:

  • Define points unit

  • Manage push notifications

  • Define the number of points for every Jira event

  • Create custom events with additional filters

  • Create personalized achievements and awards

  • Decide which users will participate in gamification

  • Dashboard with charts and ranks

  • User ranking by day, week, month, year, or overall

  • Manually award users

  • Achievement overview with progress bar

  • Reset all points and settings

  • Create public or private groups

  • Define and use gamification levels

In case you have any questions, need more detailed information, or would like to share feature suggestions, please feel free to contact us via our service desk.