Custom Events (Custom Fields)

One of the most requested features for Trophies. Create powerful events and make your Jira and Confluence experience more engaging.

How to create custom events?

Only instance (Jira and Confluence) administrators and users with special permissions can create and edit trophies events. Some events are predefined and already created.

  1. Open the events tab in the app administration

  2. Click on Create button

  3. Add a name and select the event type

  4. Add the number of points, daily limit, and awardee

  5. Choose one of the general filters (Issue Priority, Labels, Assignee, Description, Resolution, Attachments, Resolution Changed to)

  6. Select and set advanced filters

  7. Click on the Save button

General and Advanced filters

General Filters are not project related and can be used without selecting project and issue type. In order to use Advanced Filters, user should select project(s) and issue type(s).


Create Custom Events

Supported Fields

If nothing is selected, below listed system field filter is not applied when awarding points to user. It can be empty or any other value. All fields have an option to select Not Empty.


General Filters

  • Issue Priority

  • Labels

  • Assignee

  • Description

  • Resolution

  • Attachments

  • Resolution Changed to

Advanced Filters

  • Numbered fields

  • Date fields

  • Date and Time fields

  • Single select pickers

  • Multiselect pickers (Components, Fix Version, Sprint…)

  • SLAs

Most common Jira events

  • The issue is Resolved and Fix Version is not empty

  • Issue updated and SLAs are within the defined time

  • The bug created and Affected version is not empty

  • Customer requests linked with Jira issues

  • User story created and description is not empty

  • User story created and Component is not empty

  • User story closed and story points higher than 10