While Easy HTML is quick and easy to use, our customers should be aware of the restricted security that comes along with it. When Javascript is enabled there’s always a risk of XSS attacks. Due to its nature, Easy HTML is not completely secure.

The Easy HTML macro allows you to add code snippets to your page. These include HTMLJavaScript, and CSS, which will run inside the macro and not affect the rest of the page. Our Easy HTML will bring your Confluence pages to the next level.

MacroSuite - Easy HTML

How To Use


To add the Easy HTML to a Confluence page: 

  • Choose “+” in the Confluence editor

  • Search “button” and select the MacroSuite - Button.

Alternatively, type '/' on the Confluence page to see a list of suggestions and type 'Easy HTML.' Intuitive configuration dialogue helps users to create and customize buttons fast and easily.


App configuration

Define users or user groups who can use Javascript in Easy HTML. This feature is introduced because of security reasons.

HTML, CSS and Javascript

Allows you to add code snippets to your page. These include HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, which will run inside the macro itself and not affect the rest of the page.


Easy HTML configuration


The Easy HTML macro will receive updates to improve performance and user experience. We will introduce the following features soon:

  • Upload HTML code

  • PDF export for Easy HTML preview

If you have any questions, need more detailed information, or want to share feature suggestions, please contact us via our service desk.



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