Getting everyone’s attention when a new Confluence page is published is challenging. Thankfully, the all-new MacroSuite macro hero is here to save the day and help you get all eyes on your news! Read on and learn how.

Sharing handy information with your team becomes even more crucial as your company grows. Particularly if you favor asynchronous communication. In this case, you must be able to effortlessly communicate with everyone, despite the time lag. And if you use communication apps like Teams or Slack, you are probably already aware of how information easily gets lost in the shuffle. You get mentioned here and there and everywhere, and after a while – you simply accept that you might miss out on a few things.


How to use

To add the Announcements macro to a Confluence page: 

  • Choose “+” in the Confluence editor

  • Search the “cards” and select the MacroSuite - Announcements.

Alternatively, type '/' on the Confluence page to see a list of suggestions and type 'Announcements.' Intuitive configuration dialogue helps users to create and customize buttons fast and easily.

Inline editing

Use an inline editing feature and seamlessly edit the content of your announcements. Write your announcements copy directly on-screen and make quick changes with one click. There is no character limit.


Click on icon and choose from more than 5000 icons available and attract even more attention with Atlassian built-in emojis. To change the icon position or remove label, use the “Icon” dropdown in the macro configuration.


Choose a theme color from the Atlassian primary and secondary colour palette. If you want to add more colours, use the HEX editor.


Add links to Confluence content (pages and attachments) and external URLs, giving them a more polished look. Use the email tab to open the mail client with the click on the button.


Use the Layout structure option to enable/disable overline, title, line and text. By default, all elements are enabled.

Design styles

The design style feature allows you to explore and play with different design styles until you find one perfect for your use case. Also, you get to select which elements you want to include and visually present in your cards.


The Announcements macro will receive updates to improve performance and user experience. We will introduce the following features soon:

  • Announcement templates

  • More design styles

  • UX/UI improvements

If you have any questions, need more detailed information, or want to share feature suggestions, please feel free to contact us via our service desk.