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10 July 2022

NEW ​JQL Filter field

The JQL Filter Field allows you to define and display field data using complex and precise JQL filters by selecting a field from which the value will be taken and defining a JQL to filter out only certain desired issues.

10 July 2022

NEW ​Jira Expressions field

Jira Expressions Field provides the user with ways to freely configure and adapt the field to their needs to enhance issue data. Select one of the many available expressions and display them on an issue. Jira Expressions Field can display dates, users, content, and much more. It is a way to keep you updated while keeping the issue relevant and easy to navigate.

3 May 2022

bugfix Advanced Search - Support for Calculated and Comment fields

Fixed the problem where Calculated and Comment fields were not displaying in the advanced search in Jira.

20 April 2022

NEW ​New custom field type - Abbreviate Numbers

Abbreviated format to display large numbers.

1.000,00 → 1K

1.200,00 → 1K

100.000,00 → 100K

101.000,00 → 1.01K

1.000.000,00 → 1M

NEW ​New custom field type - Units

Display the decimal value with the belonging abbreviated unit.

NEW ​New custom field type - Panels

Display important information in colored panels.

31 March 2022

NEW ​New custom field type - Multilevel Select Picker (Multiple)

The Multilevel Select Picker (Multiple) allows you to create a cascading select field with an unlimited number of levels (The standard Jira cascading field has only two levels) and select more values from a single level in the issue view.

NEW ​New custom field type - Secure Fields

This custom field type provides various secure field types. Jira administrators can create numbered, text, and date custom fields like Jira standard ones. After defining view and edit permissions in the context screen, users without permissions can´t see or edit the hidden information and will get a message that they are not permitted to view or edit.


22 March 2022

NEW ​Reorder and disable multilevel select values

Option to reorder or disable values from Multilevel select custom fields.

2 February 2022

NEW ​Mailto option for button

The Sum (Average) of numeric values in the linked issues custom field allows you to define the value range for the number custom field type.