Hide Content

Sometimes, you need to create similar pages to reach a different audience or add important information for decision-makers. One page for all users with permission to view content and sections that are only relevant to them is now possible with the Hide Content macro.

Use Cases

Hide content is used if you are creating many similar pages for various audience. You can create sections that can appear or become hidden based on added permissions, no need for more pages anymore.

  • Knowledge base management

  • Project documentation

  • Release notes

  • Product launch plan

  • Content with anonymous access

  • Confidential information

  • Revenue and market reports

How to use

To add the Hide content macro to a Confluence page: 

  • Choose “+” in the Confluence editor

  • Search “Hide content” and select the MacroSuite - Hide content.

Alternatively, type '/' on the Confluence page to see a list of suggestions and type 'Hide content.' Intuitive configuration dialogue helps users to create and customise the macro fast and easily.

User permissions

Select Confluence users or user groups who can view the content. Page creator is per default selected.

When defining users authorised to view hidden content, there is a bug showing Confluence apps instead of only users. We have reported this issue to Atlassian support.

Hide or Show

There are hide from or show to options for selected users or user groups.


Most of the native Confluence macros are available within the tabs editor.

Due to Atlassian limitations, it is not possible to insert and show third party macros.

Supported macros:

  • Text formatting

  • Content alignment

  • Bullets and numbering

  • Links

  • Images

  • Code snippet

  • Info panel

  • Date

  • Quote

  • Status

  • Table



The Hide Content macro will receive updates to improve performance and user experience. We will introduce the following features soon:

  • Editor improvements

  • Anonymous permissions to view the content

If you have any questions, need more detailed information, or want to share feature suggestions, please feel free to contact us via our service desk.

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